Murphy bed – how, where, for whom, which, for how much? So what are we most often asked in via messenger conversations, e-mails and on social media forums. We advise how to choose well and what to look for when buying a murhpy bed. To enjoy a good choice for years. We invite you to read. Today, the first part of the questions and answers:

A murphy bed – types

There are 3 basic variants of murphy beds available on the furniture market – a vertically and horizontally hidden bed (the so-called side-wall bed), a bunk bed. Each of them is designed to save as much space as possible. Which one to choose depends primarily on the amount of space we have. If the bed is to be placed in a full-height room – the decisive factor in choosing the model will be the comfort of use. A vertical murphy bed is better suited for adults and medium-tall people. A horizontally opened bed is the optimal choice for children, adolescents, elderly or shorter people. This bed, popularly known as a wallbed, is recommended especially for attics. They can be perfectly integrated into the sloping ceilings and places that are more difficult to access. It will also work great in very narrow rooms, where even after opening it will not block the passage. It is worth knowing that each of these folding beds requires a specific space adapted to the depth of the furniture. For traditional models, it is 44 cm, and when choosing a revolving bed, we need 60 cm. If we imagine that a full-size, traditional bed would stand in this place all the time, these expectations are small, but necessary.

How to make a murphy bed?

The murphy bed  is a multifunctional piece of furniture that, thanks to modern solutions, can be adapted to the needs and expectations of virtually everyone. That is why in our offer we propose several ways to “make” your bed. For people who are skilled in assembling furniture and have a limited budget, we have prepared and developed the category of beds for self-assembly. The ClickBed V Young bed is the first model in the family, which will soon include models with a sofa, half-wall, bunk bed. Proven mechanism, simple illustrated step-by-step instructions, short lead time, shipping by courier. Efficient, economical and reliable. The second category are retractable beds and multifunctional furniture, which we prepare on the client’s individual request. Here, the range of possibilities is much wider. It is possible to order a bed only in a housing or built-in. The colors, style and types of finishes can be adapted to any arrangement of the place where it will stand. When choosing, you should take into account a longer implementation time (from 4 to 6 weeks) and the assembly of the furniture by a team of specialists. However, it is worth being patient. After a few weeks of waiting, we can enjoy our dream and custom-designed bed – one of a kind.

What to pay attention to when buying?

The answer is simple: quality. Multifunctional furniture is furniture in constant motion. They open, close, slide out and hide thousands of times. Therefore, the quality of their workmanship is crucial for the comfort of use, safety and convenience. The murphy bed must be solid and stable. And this, unfortunately, has to cost. A good murphy bed has a steel frame and steel legs. The heart of the furniture is the opening and closing mechanism. It should be reliable, supported by gas actuators – for the comfort of use. We chose Italian mechanisms for our beds, the quality of which is confirmed by a 10-year warranty. Another important element of the bed is the casing. It must withstand the weight of the mattress, changes in the center of gravity of the furniture and the user or users themselves. That is why, when designing the ClickBed bed models, we chose a 36 mm-thick board for the casing, and an 18 mm-thick board for the front. Before you decide to buy, it is worth checking what thickness parameters and technologies the bed you like best has. And how many years of warranty you will receive for the operation of the mechanisms used.

Where is the best place to buy a murphy bed?

In a company that has experience in building such beds. The best recommendation are satisfied customers, professional service that will answer every question in detail, long presence on the market. Poles buy furniture for years. And the investment in a bed in the wardrobe should be carefully considered. By choosing such a piece of furniture, we want to sleep comfortably and safely. Do not worry if the bed will fall on your head during the day, do not put any effort into opening it. Be sure that the bed will not fall apart after 2 years. And if something happened despite everything, you can count on professional and fast service. It is good to be able to see such a bed in person before making a decision. And if we decide to buy online, watch other projects by a given manufacturer. A well-chosen comfortable murphy bed is a guarantee of our rest, well-being and even health. There is no point in saving on this. In the pictures:

Closet bed ClickBed V Sofa – murphy bed with a 140 × 200 sofa