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The origins of the company

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The owner of the Transforms ClickBed brand is Abar, which has been operating on the market since 1993. The company was established in response to the demand for furniture sales and the search for modern design. Firma powstała w odpowiedzi na popyt w zakresie sprzedaży mebli oraz poszukiwaniu nowoczesnego designu.

The then sprouting furniture industry in Poland was only taking its first steps, but we already knew then that the demand for interior design elements would grow, and Poles, bored with the unified style, would look for innovations. So we decided to bring the best to Poland.

producent łóżek w szafie

First ideas

Italian inspirations

This is how we found our way to the Italian market, carefully observing the unusual design, beautiful finishes, getting to know the great quality of the raw materials used there and exploring the secrets of unusual technological solutions that took the production of furniture to a completely new level, we created the concept of our own collection.

Italians are famous not only for their uncompromising quality. The furniture stores there are full of pure beauty – modernity, trends from world catalogs, fashion creation, all limited only by your imagination. Perfection is completed by excellent technologies that guarantee durability.

From idea to implementation

Furniture for small apartments - we design for special needs

Looking for our place in the industry, we wanted to give our clients something unique. We focused on furniture that while maintaining full functionality, taking up very little space. Furniture for small rooms offers extraordinary arrangement possibilities and allows you to make the most of every available space. Created in our studios – retractable beds, a shelf, couches, beds with a desk or wardrobe beds – are absolute hits in the field of modern design. Thanks to the solutions used, arranging an apartment becomes simple and pleasant – in small spaces you can take care of all needs, while larger areas, thanks to the use of our technologies, remain neatly spacious. With us, you can easily choose furniture for a studio, arranging it in a stylish and tasteful way.

producent łóżek w szafie

From passion to create

In search of uncompromising beauty

By learning from the best, we have gained knowledge of how to find beauty. How to design new furniture so that, in addition to countless functional values, it will please the eye and attract attention. Each product in our offer is refined down to the smallest detail – we have created a team that complements each other with competences. Engineers develop unique solutions for convenience, technologists select high-quality raw materials, and designers keep their finger on the pulse, making sure that each model reflects the needs of the modern market, which focuses on the most beautiful.

25 years in the industry

An experience that results in perfection

We have learned the best in the Italian market. And 25 years of work in the industry means plenty of time to improve your workshop. In our case, experience is not just an empty phrase. Each day brings new challenges. We don’t even stop for a moment in search of even more interesting and surprising solutions for your homes.

We invite you to cooperation

Trade cooperation

We invite development companies, suppliers from the HoReCa market, architects and interior designers to cooperate with us. We offer cooperation based on reliable business principles and full technical support – CEO & Founder – Bogdan Kamiński

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+48 600 408 508 or +22 773 19 95

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