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ClickBeds for smart people

Transforms is a manufacturer and distributor of multifunctional furniture equipped with the best mechanisms.

A wide range of wall beds is our specialty.

In order to follow the growing trends in arrangement and rapidly increasing interest in studio flats, our company has created a line of products for small spaces, which may function in various ways during the day. The smaller the usable area, the harder it is to sensibly arrange a room and keep it up to date with the latest trends. While using the innovative furniture that can be conveniently converted from a bed into a desk or a sofa, it is much easier to create a room, which can  at the same time be used as a bedroom, a living room or even an office.

When creating the mechanisms used in our products, the engineers noticed that each piece of furniture is usually used by customers for only a few hours a day. Therefore, there is no need for the currently unnecessary homeware to occupy valuable space. Instead, the room is utilized alternately, as the apartment or studio is perfectly tailored to the individual needs of residents. Transforms wall bed is an innovative and necessary step forward in the field of interior design.

The time is now

One of the most popular solutions proposed by our company is wide offer of wall bed, murphy bed and folding bed models. Exploitation of this idea becomes more and more desirable, especially in Western Europe. However, the interest in wall beds grows rapidly also in Poland, as many architects start to include them in their projects and arrangements. This type of bed is perfect for small spaces, where the use of traditional furniture would be impractical. Our bed can be unfolded for the night, and easily hidden in the morning which helps you gain a lot of vacant space in the room.

Our task is to meet the expectations of customers – people living dynamically, valuing the convenience and comfort. That is why in our offer you can find other innovative solutions. We encourage you to familiarize with multifunctional furniture – an excellent choice for a home office, a living room or a nursery. Such a system may be a combination of wardrobe, bed, desk, table or sofa.

Wall bed adapting to your needs

Great variety of models and color options, including motifs known from fairy tales for your children, allows you to create a personalized and perfectly fitted system for your needs. We created the line of products based on a modern, high-quality Italian mechanism, equipped in spring-gas, which enable easy and trouble-free usage of wall beds. In order to maximize the space in your small apartment or studio choose Transforms.

Transforms – furniture adapting to your needs.

Our proposition – murphy bed – multifunctional furniture in a small apartment.

Our proposition – wall bed  used on the yacht

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