How to install murphy bed? This question often comes up during our conversations with clients who do not believe that it is possible at all. After all, it is a piece of furniture that has many elements, the correct assembly of which depends on its proper functioning.

When assembling traditional furniture, we can afford small, especially invisible shortcomings. But in the case of a piece of furniture that is in constant motion – because it is folded and unfolded again every day, it is not difficult to find shortcomings. And these can have fatal consequences when using the bed.

For everyone:

  • who dream of assembling a bed on their own.
  • who value convenience and comfort, and they have to live in very small apartments (which applies to most of us),
  • who want to save space in this small area
  • and enjoy the space thus obtained
    we have created the Young collection – murphy beds  “do it yourself” 🙂

How to install murphy bed from  Young collection?

jak zrobić łóżko w szafie

Before you get to the moment of assembling the bed, it is worth choosing your dream one first. Our new DIY murphy bed collection is inspired by our customers’ choices. We chose the most popular models of Clickbed beds, added one surprise to them and that’s how Young beds were created.

So we have a choice of vertically folded wall beds – these are single beds (Single one) and double beds (Double one) classic. We recommend them for small bedrooms and guest rooms. Our customers like them especially because they can be integrated “invisibly” into the existing arrangement. And their smooth front does not attract anyone’s attention.

Models with a sofa and a table are recommended for small living rooms.

łóżko rozkładane pojedyncze


The combination of these two extremely different functionalities will be especially appreciated by the owners of studios and micro apartments where one room performs day and night functions. Our surprise bed was also created with micro-studios in mind. Whose presence is really hard to guess and yet it is. And it is a comfortable alternative to a traditional bed where there is little space or we do not usually associate it with a bedroom. It is a Smartbed Boxbed – a bed hidden in a chest of drawers. It is not only a folding bed but also fully mobile. Thanks to the convenient wheels, you can introduce them to any room. And on a daily basis, it will be cleverly hidden even in the hall or wardrobe. Look how inconspicuous this bed looks! We have come up with the simplest construction as possible to make it easier to assemble the murphy beds.



Folding beds for children’s rooms and narrow bedrooms

łóżko w szafie do samodzielnego złożenia w domu

You can also assemble a wall bed on your own at home. And here we also give you a choice – you can opt for a single wall bed – an ideal solution for a children’s or youth room. You can choose a double – for a narrow for example – matrimonial bedroom. But the real hit reserved for large families is Smartbed Twin – a bunk bed folded on the wall.

In order to facilitate the assembly of murphy beds we have come up with the simplest construction possible. Each of these beds has steel frames into which, after attaching the base to the wall, you will slide the next elements of the bed. Whether you choose a bed that opens vertically or horizontally the principle of folding the beds is always the same. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake – we have described each element of the bed in detail. And what to do with it how to place and attach it you will learn from the accessible illustrated installation instructions.

How to install murphy bed when you have no idea about it?

If you’ve never had or never had a screwdriver in your hand that’s not a problem either. We also foresaw the fact that not all of our clients are keen DIY enthusiasts. On request we offer assembly of the bed by our team of specialists. They do it very quickly and efficiently. You won’t even notice, and your murphy bed will be ready!