Furniture for small apartments

Perfect for small apartments

Transforms furniture for small apartments

Today’s technologies enable unusual solutions – a small space is no longer an obstacle to letting go of creativity. Thanks to modern techniques, it is possible to combine many functionalities in one piece of furniture – this is the priority we chose at the beginning of our adventure with furniture design at Transforms.

Functional folding furniture

Smart furniture - small spaces, special needs

Arranging small spaces can seem like a real challenge. Choosing the right equipment is often a problem – after all, there are many furniture systems on the market, but their size often makes it impossible to put them in a small room. However, there is no need to give up your dream room arrangement. In such situations, folding furniture will be a great solution, as it allows you to maintain the functionality of the room.

Full space development

Furniture for a studio and Micro Apartments

Attempts to select the best offer for our clients have always been associated with researching their needs. We took into account the most common obstacles people arranging their apartments and houses face. The first thought immediately came to mind – the biggest challenge is definitely the right furniture for studio apartments or furniture for micro apartments, which will still be able to fulfill their basic tasks. At that time, we also gave up on compromises. We wanted our intelligent furniture to provide full functionality, convenience and comfort of use, regardless of the space it is intended for. This is how the furniture for small apartmentsin Transforms was born.

Multifunctional furniture – beds that are not just for sleeping

The wardrobe no longer only needs to store clothes, the bed does not take up half the room, and the desk does not take up valuable space. While maintaining full functionality, functional furniture offered at Transforms uses the latest technologies that allow for solutions that no one has even dreamed of before.

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Intelligent furniture allows full control over the room’s equipment. When preparing for work or study in the morning, with just one click or a slight movement of your hand, the bed will hide in the wardrobe, while unfolding the desk ready for action. When we need a moment of peace and rest, we can quickly unfold a full-size bed that will envelop us with its warmth and softness. With the earlier arrangement of the apartment, introducing so many solutions into a small space seemed impossible. Now, however, miracles are becoming reality – furniture for small apartments is designed in such a way as to make the best use of the space allocated to them.

Folding furniture – a desk turned into a bed

Our furniture for a small apartment allows you to learn about many faces of one object. After all, small spaces require special solutions. We know very well how important it is to use all spatial possibilities, especially in small apartments or studios, where one room must often be used as a whole house. Due to such needs, the Transforms offer includes a variety of solutions that the customer will be able to fully adapt to their needs. Working and teaching people will appreciate the convenience of the retractable bed with a retractable desk. For families who value larger spaces, more freedom in the apartment will be provided by wall-mounted beds that save space and can also act as a wardrobe. We tried to ensure that everyone could find exactly what they needed, being able to integrate intelligent and functional furniture into their apartment. We made sure that each offered model meets the highest market requirements and is made of the highest quality materials available. When designing new furniture systems, we keep track of new developments and technical solutions that we use in our products. Designers from Transforms with the utmost care and dedication transfer all their knowledge and experience into new projects, so that all the furniture offered for small rooms is a guarantee of comfort, quality and functionality.