How to arrange a small apartment? What to think about when choosing furniture and how to arrange the space to make it comfortable, spacious and maximally functional? We have been designing and creating solutions for small apartments for many years. We have experience, practical solutions and original ideas. Small spaces are our speciality. That is why today we are sharing our tips to make every, even the smallest apartment, a dream come true.

A small apartment is a positive challenge!

A small apartment does not have to require compromises from us. Which are never entirely satisfying. In order for it to meet all expectations it should be well planned from the beginning and take into account the needs of each resident. And also all expected functionalities. And there are actually dozens of them! Therefore, before we go shopping and start designing the arrangement, it is worth sitting down and writing down what we want to include in our home space.

jak urządzić małe mieszkanie

  • Are we minimalists and do not store too much stuff, or maybe the other way around – we can’t part with them?
  • Will we be resting or working at home?
  • If we have children do they need separate rooms already?
  • Is a children’s room a topic of the future or is it needed for now?
  • Where will our bedroom be located?
  • What furniture do we need in particular – how do we like to spend time together, how do we spend time separately?
  • Do we often receive guests?
  • Etc. etc. …

The more detailed the analysis of your needs is the easier and more functional it will be to arrange a common space and an intimate space, separate for each household member. It will also be easier to choose the right solutions including, above all, furniture. And adjust them not only to the lifestyle of the inhabitants but also to the size. So as to save as much free space as possible and at the same time not run out of space for what is important to you. Well, necessary!

How to save space in a small apartment?

idealne łóżeczko dla dziecka

The furniture industry meets the needs and expectations of owners of small spaces. It is the small interiors that are dedicated to the so-called. multifunctional furniture. That is, those that:

  • they use every available square meter of space in the most ergonomic and economical way.
  • combine various, sometimes extremely different, functions.
  • they have modern technological solutions, thanks to which their use is simple, safe and pleasant.


The best example of a multifunctional piece of furniture are wall beds

We can resign from a large table in favor of a folding bench. We can deplete storage space. But a place of comfortable sleep and relaxation is neither possible nor worth giving up. Everyone, even the greatest minimalist, needs and dreams of a comfortable sleep in a full-size bed.

And the wall bed makes this dream come true. What’s more, it can be a 2-in-1 solution. That is:

jak urządzić małe mieszkaniewall bed with a desk
sofa wall bed
wall bed with a shelf
wall bed with a table
Wherever you put the wall bed in the apartment, it will always save the space of the room. Will it be a living room that also serves as a bedroom, or a small bedroom with a place to work remotely. Is a small children’s room for an only child or siblings. There, the bed in the wardrobe will meet your expectations of comfortable everyday life around the clock.

This solution can also be part of a larger wall building. Whether it will be a wardrobe, bookcases, or a place for RTV equipment, the bed will fit in perfectly with these solutions. Due to the specificity of small apartments, you can choose beds that open vertically and horizontally (so-called side-beds). You can also choose a wall bunk bed  or a revolving wall bed.


How to arrange a small apartment? Bet on comprehensive solutions


In addition to beds the most popular multifunctional piece of furniture is the table. Which can also be hidden when not needed: on the wall, in a chest of drawers or even in a drawer. You can also hide bedside tables, a desk, an ironing board. And even bookshelves. We know how to arrange a small apartment. With its specific needs in mind we have created the Smartroom 33 mq project which allows optimal adaptation of a small apartment to the needs of its inhabitants. Write what you need and we will create it for you. Today’s technologies used in the furniture industry offer unlimited possibilities.

So before you start buying think it over and plan well. A small apartment can be the nicest place to live. Functional and comfortable at any time of the day, night and year. What it will be depends entirely on you. And we will be happy to help you with this.