łóżko z biurkiem pólkotapczan

A bed with a desk is a solution that has been consistently popular for several decades. The combination of these 2 different pieces of furniture gives new perspectives for imagination in arranging the room. Usually children, but not only. This solution is usually a combination of a bunk bed and a desk in the basic version. Or in the deluxe version with additional elements: drawers, shelves, cabinets, a chest for bedding. Where both the bed and the desk take up the same space as two separate pieces of furniture, but combined into one.

This combination creates a homogeneous, compact and tall body which, although it saves some room space takes up a lot of space both optically and physically. If  the room is narrow and does not sin with the area, instead of the effect of spaciousness and lightness, we achieve the opposite one. The room is overwhelmed by a large tall piece of furniture. And the saving of space turns out to be only apparent.


A bed with a desk that really saves space

łóżko z biurkiem dla dzieci

Even the smallest apartment or room can be comfortable and functional every day. This thought always guides us when creating new models of multifunctional furniture. Therefore observing the solutions available on the market that combine a desk with a bed, we decided that we would create a piece of furniture that really does not take up additional square meters. And one that will not be a nuisance in any room. In fact, even in the smallest room, it will take only 37 centimeters of its width during the day.

The wall bed both in the form of a side bed – opened horizontally and opened vertically has a large smooth front when closed. Which begs to be used and extended with additional functionalities. So we placed a spacious top on it, the length of which depends on the width of the bed. And to make it even more convenient, the top is hidden under the bed at night, which does not require removing things from it.

Clickbed Single and Clickbed Desk

This is how the wall beds were created – the Clickbed Single side bed for children and the Clickbed Desk wall bed with a desk for adults – in a vertically or horizontally opened version.

After some time under the influence of our customers’ suggestions we decided that we could save a bit more space – which is of great importance in small rooms. So we decided to create a model in which the desk can be unfolded or closed at any time. that is, it will be independent of the position of the bed. This is how the Voila model was created, a desk that can be part of a wall bed or an independent piece of furniture mounted on the wall.

łóżko młodzieżowe z biurkiem

You maybe ask what about the additional functions of such a solution as a bed with a desk? By choosing any Clickbed model you have the option of designing any furniture for it. These can be library shelves, traditional cabinets, drawers or a modern wardrobe. And if you already have such a structure, you can simply opt for a bed with a desk. And enjoy the true freedom of room space and comfort both during the day and night.