Clickbed Voila Folding Desk

Clickbed Voila Folding Desk

Observing the growing interest in multifunctional furniture, we have created a new model of a bed in a wardrobe with a desk – ClickBed Voila. A modern wallbed – a small bed hidden in a wardrobe that opens horizontally – has been combined with a functional, spacious top, based on a stable and easy-to-use structure.

Space saving, functionality, comfort. Where there is no room for a separate room for work and a bedroom – in a studio apartment, a small studio for a single. Where the living room combines the functions of a study, guest room. In a small size of a children’s or teen’s room. In a room for rent for a student. In these spaces, ClickBed Voila will work best.

Detailed description

During the day, the top of the furniture can serve as a desk, table, dressing table, or an additional work top – depending on the needs and imagination of users. And during the night, a full-size, comfortable bed appears in its place. But work and sleep time are separated by the hours of daily home life. Thanks to the solutions used in ClickBed Voila, we have a choice of the third option of this furniture functioning in the apartment space. As the structure of the desk and the opening mechanism of the bed are independent of each other, we can fold the desk at the front of the bed at any time and enjoy additional free space.

But that’s not all of ClickBed Voila’s benefits. We don’t always need a bed, but we often need more free space. Small apartments are still our everyday life. Therefore, the ClickBed Voila table top can be an independent, independent piece of furniture – a desk folded against the wall. Which will ensure that any type of room, in which we choose to work, will not lose any of its original function. The time of relaxation, meals and sleep will not be disturbed by the view related to the professional space. And if necessary, the desk will always be at your fingertips.

The functional, universal design of ClickBed Voila will adapt to any existing interior style. Several dozen versions of color finishes allow you to create a unique, unique piece of furniture that can function independently or be part of a larger building.

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