A wall bed is gaining popularity every year. We – the manufacturer of such beds – are not surprised at all. This multifunctional piece of furniture effectively helps to solve numerous housing problems. Related to insufficient space, a growing family and the inability or reluctance to move to a larger apartment.

jak samemu zrobić łóżko w szafieThere are not only many interested and lovers of wall beds, but also brave and willing to build such beds themselves. How to make a wall bed yourself? Apparently it’s nothing difficult. However in order to be safe and have served us successfully over the years, such a piece of furniture has to meet several requirements:

robust construction in a bed that is constantly in motion, the basis
safety it’s used by both children and adults, and none of them want to suddenly fall or lock themselves in it
universal design adapting to the demands of modern interior trends
easy assembly everyone wants to be the father and mother of success instead of working hours on complicated assembly instructions

With all these characteristics of a good folding bed we have created a collection of beds for self-assembly at home. The Young Collection. For young owners of the first studio apartments and apartments. Owner of micro-apartments. Children and adolescents. And for investor owners of bed&breakfast apartments, hostels and hotels. Get to know them better!

A collection of wall beds for self-assembly unlike any other!

Given the different needs expectations and possibilities, we decided not to have just one or two models of wall beds. Create 7 of them. Provides simple and at the same time qualitative solutions for the most popular wall beds. So in this collection we have vertically openable beds with the letter V. And depending on the room in which the Young bed is to be placed, you can choose between a classic bunk bed, a sofa or table wall bed. The light weight and stable construction of the bed fits perfectly into small living room. Or an open space of a studio apartment. Allows a comfortable transition from the day function to the night or to the apartment. Without moving furniture or compromising without a full-size bed, sofa or table.


półkotapczan dla dzieckaThe second, in terms of the popularity of wall beds is the one open  vertically. A small, yet full-fledged bed that is preferred for narrow bedrooms, children’s and youth rooms. Easy to use by both adults and children. Filigree, so that it gives optically space to even the smallest room. In the Young collection we have 3 models of this type of folding bed. A single bed, double bed and our hit a bunk bed – Young Twin. Let’s just say: siblings love this solution. So we developed a model that everyone, even little gifted father, will build for his children.

łóżko piętrowe dla dziecka

Last but not least – single bed hidden in… chest of drawers! NEW

łóżko rozkładane pojedynczeThe end crowns the work. And in the case of the Young collection the only folding bed of its kind on the market the Smartbed Boxbed 90! In the closed version it is not found in the arrangement of the room. For this to be set in every room closed even in the hallway will look good. And hide your secret a full-size bed inside. It is not only retractable bed. It is also a movable bed! Thanks to the wheels we can easily and effortlessly set them up in any room. It is also the only bed from the Young collection that you will receive complete when you order.

How to make a wall bed yourself?

With the Young collection it’s really easy. You choose the model and the type of surfaces. We’ll build you bed. We ship by courier. You put them together. And that’s it! Your dream wall bed is ready to use!