Clickbed O Voila

Clickbed O Voila

Voila desk is a universal multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be a separate desk. It can be part of the wall bed – both opening vertically and horizontally. This solution is a combination of a folding bed with a fold-out desk. When the desk is not needed, you can simply close it and thus create additional living space in the room.

A spacious desk top can be a place for remote work, study or a handy dressing table. How it will be used depends on the circumstances, needs and time of day.

Detailed description

The Voila wall bed with a desk is a universal solution for small spaces. Living room, office, children’s rooms and even lounges. Wherever one room is to combine many day and night functions, and where it is not enough free space, a horizontally folding bed with a desk will work perfectly.

The advantage of the bed are solutions that make it a pleasure to open and close it. Gas actuators and decelerators ensure the ease of operation of the mechanisms and their safe changes of position from day to night. The desk mechanism is also equipped with such amenities that facilitate everyday comfortable use.

The bed casing has increased thickness standards. Kronospan furniture boards were used to make it.
Housing: 3.6 cm
Front and back panel of the bed: 1.8 cm
Depth: 40 cm

Single wallbed:
Housing dimensions: 108×216, 138×216
Mattress dimensions: 90×200, 120×200,
Maximum weight supported by a metal base: 150 kg

Double bed:
Housing dimensions: 158×216, 178×216, 198×216
Mattress dimensions: 140×200, 160×200, 180×200
Maximum weight supported by a metal base: 200 kg

Desk top length: 180
Worktop depth: 550

The bed design has been patented

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