If you want to choose a bed hidden in a wardrobe with a sofa, we have two transforms solutions. Smartbed O Sofa is a horizontal bed opened along the long edge of the mechanism. In this case, we have a mattress bed with a width of 140, 160 and 180cm. Regardless of the width of the mattress, the sofa is 200cm wide.

Smartbed V Sofa is another solution. The bed opens here along the short edge vertically. In this case, the width of the sofa depends on the width of the mattress. A 140 cm wide mattress bed is equipped with a sofa 140 cm wide and 160 cm wide with a 160 cm wide mattress, the sofa bed is 180 cm wide with the width of the mattress 180 cm.

Both solutions offer the same comfort of bed use. Smartbed O Sofa is better suited for rooms with slants or lower buildings. They can also be used in the case of arrangements, where the bed is built up with additional cabinets that can be placed above the bed case.