Despite the fact that Transformers furniture together with the family of their hidden beds   Smartbed V and Smartbed O  are the undisputed market leader, on the internet you can find wallbeds at much lower prices. What to look for when choosing a wallbed suplier?

The mechanism of the wallbed

The basic element is the mechanism of the bed. Transforms uses self-supporting mechanisms made of steel closed profiles, powder coated, equipped with springy beeches made of beech wood. Mechanisms are manufactured according to technologies used in the production of frames for traditional bedrooms. The gas cylinders are easy and safe to open and use. The legs supporting the mechanism open and level automatically, which protects the mechanism against breakage. Transforms mechanisms are covered by a 10-year warranty. When thinking about purchasing a hide-and-seek bed in the closet, mechanisms should be avoided, the opening of which is based on a spring system. Comfort and safety of such structures is much lower, which has an impact on the price of such a product. There are also beds available on the market equipped with frames, the construction of which is based on chipboard elements. The bed hinges are in such a construction usually attached to the frame with wood screws, which puts a big question mark on the durability of such a solution.

Enclosures of beds hidden in the closet

Another element to pay attention to is the reliability of the housing. Transforms beds are made of 36 mm thick laminated boards joined together by solid eccentric connectors. The base of the bed has screw feet that can be leveled even on an uneven floor. The back of the bed and its faceplate is made of 18 mm thick furniture board. The whole has a fairly simple, but very stiff construction. The bed housing can be folded and unfolded many times without worrying about the deterioration of the stiffness of the case. An additional advantage of Transforms is a huge selection of color versions of the casings. We have several hundred types of furniture veneers and, in addition, it is possible to make furniture from a varnished mdf board. Competitive products are usually made of 18-25 mm thick furniture boards. Often they do not have backs to reduce costs. In addition, the color range is limited to several designs. For joining the housing elements, they use cheap furniture fasteners that unfold under the influence of time, which do not give a certain rigidity to the structure.