Smartbed V Desk is a bed that opens vertically with a desk with a 53cmm depth. The bed is available in three variants for mattresses with 140, 160 and 180cm width. This is also the width of the desks. As a rule, all models of this bed should be classified as double. The mechanism of the desk is constructed so that its top during unfolding keeps the horizontal position. After unfolding the Smartbed V Desk bed, the worktop distance from the front of the bed is approx. 15 cm, which allows you to leave small items on it.

Smartbed Single is a single, horizontally opening bed, available in variants with a mattress width of 90 and 100 cm. It is equipped with a completely different desk mechanism, which, regardless of the size of the mattress, measures 55 x 200cm. In this case, the Smartbed Single also keeps the table level when unfolding the bed. After unfolding the bed, the distance between the top and the front of the bed is 17 cm.