General description of Smartbed V sofa  with the remote control, wardrobe, library and extensions.

Arrangement Smartbed V sofa that opens to the remote control with a library and a wardrobe, occupies a space of 3470mm wide and 2636mm high. On one side there is an open bookcase with 6 shelves, on the other there is a cabinet with two drawers at the bottom, a hanger perpendicular to the door surface. The height of the cabinet with a clothes hanger 114cm, above it a shelf with a height of 30cm. The depth of side cabinets and drawers is 45cm. Depth of the bed casing due to the electric opening mechanism mounted behind the back of the bed is reduced to 35 cm. Therefore, a mattress with a height of 16cm was used. Side cabinets have a width of 849mm. The extensions have a height of 450mm.

Colors of the Smartbed V Sofa set with the remote control, wardrobe, library and extensions.

The cabinets and Smartbed V sofa bed case were made of Kronospan furniture boards in Light Rockford Hickory K085 PW. The cabinet fronts and the front plate of the bed are in the color Kronospan Biel Alpejska 8685 SM. Sofa upholstery: Fargotex Aspen 04 Light Gray. Set to see in the showroom in Warsaw, ul. Brzeski Route 72.