The Transforms offer includes a vertical wallbed Smartbed V Sofa Box. What are the differences between the existing Smartbed V Sofa and the new model?
The main difference is that when folding the Smartbed V Sofa, the sofa attached to it is automatically folded out. Before the Smartbed V Sofa Box is oppening supported pilows must be removed . They can then serve as a headboard that fills the space between the bed casing and the end of the mattress. The Smartbed V Sofa Box has an additional bedding box that opens upwards. The sofa is not attached to the bed construction and in an emergency situation it can be pulled out from under the bed and can be used as an emergency place to sleep. All elements of Smartbed V Sofa are attached to the bed frame structure and there is no possibility of dismantling them and using them separately. The basic usable difference between the two models is the height of the mattress after the bed has been unfolded. In the Smarbed v Sofa, the mattress is folded out to the height of 235mm and in the Smartbed V Sofa Box at the height of 385mm. The Smartbed V Sofa Box is also 15 cm higher than the Smartbed V Sofa.