Smartbed V Sofa is the most-bought wallbed from Transforms. The “Designed in a Human” competition is an initiative of the publishing house AGORA and the AMICA company. “It is supposed to draw attention to those who design so as not to lose a man when thinking about design.” It’s about disseminating knowledge about how to design and how to guard and how to do it. The competition focuses on those who design for the DOM functionally usefully, permanently and well. ” – its organizers write information about the competition.
The products will be assessed by the Chapter established for this purpose. The results of the competition will be announced in March and the prizes will be distributed during a gala held in April organized by the AGORA publishing house.
We decided to submit to the competition our bed hidden in the wardrobe Smardbed V Sofa, hoping that its values ​​will be appreciated by the jury. The Smartbed V Sofa set submitted to the competition is additionally equipped with a shelf which, while unfolding the bed, maintains a horizontal position, thanks to which you do not have to remove the objects left on it. After unfolding, the shelf is an integrated leg on which the frame of the bed rests.