Wallbeds Smartbed furniture look best in complete arrangements. In addition to the functional and the most popular Smartbed V Sofa for the 180cm wide mattress, today’s design features two side cabinets. The depth of the building has been expanded to 600mm, with the back of the bed retracted so that the depth of the bed housing after its unfolding was 400mm standard. On the left side of Smartbed V Sofa we have a bookcase with two drawers closed and opened in the click clack system with a height of 285mm. The same drawers are on the right side of the bed. Above the drawers on the left we have 4 shelves with a height of 341mm, On the right there is a fully valuable wardrobe with a hanger placed parallel to the back of the cabinet with a height of 1472mm. The side cabinets have a width of 1114mm and the height of the bed casing, that is 2186mm. At the top, there are 249mm high tops that can be opened up using the Blum Aventos system. The whole building is in the color 6299BS Cobalt Gray from the color palette Kronospan Color. Sofa and headrest in Yellow color, fabric MILTON 11. Lighting 2 LED lamps Veronica in chrome. The wall headrest is half the height of the back