smartbed V łóżko chowane w meblach

smartbed V Sofa łóżko chowane w meblach z sofą

Smartbed V Sofa – the bed hidden in the wardrobe opened manually is a new exhibition set in Salon Transforms in Warsaw at ul. Trakt Brzeski 72. The mechanism of the bed is adapted to a 140 cm wide mattress. The housing of the wallbed is made in the Carbon Marine Wood k016PW color. The front of the bed in the wardrobe is a white board in Snow White Mirror Gloss 8685MG, which contrasts nicely with the color of the cabinet. The sofa is made of Napoli 04 material which complements the color of the housing. Additional equipment of the set is the upholstered headrest “Honey” made in a uniform color from the material Napoli 04 and two LED Titan lighting panels with adjustable level of exposure placed on both side walls of the bed frame. From today without any extra charge for all customer who order light panels, we  mount on the left side of the housing a dual USB port for charging mobile devices. Welcome, visit us on Trakt Brzeski 72 in Warsaw !