Wallbed with a remote control from Transforms? Why not. We offer the possibility of ordering a wallbeds, which is opened using an electric motor with a remote control.

What wallbed offered by Transforms  give you the option of remote control?

This is a family of Smartbed V vertical beds. However, we do not recommend using this option for the Smartbed Tavolo , which has a manual opening mechanism and Smartbed V Sofa box.

What are the limitations of using an electric bed opening mechanism?

The electric mechanism of opening is located behind the back of the bed casing and despite its small size occupies a space about 10 cm wide. Due to the above, the bed casing is deepened to 45 cm. For this reason, the depth of the housing is reduced to 35 cm. In such a situation, so that the bed can close, you can use a mattress with a maximum height of 18 cm, the recommended height is 16cm. Unfortunately, even at the smallest recommended height of the mattress, the bed will not close properly with the bedding attached to the mattress, which you will need to store in a separate container.

When should you use an electric mechanism to open the wallbed?

An electric mechanism of opening is recomended to double beds with a larger width, if their users are people with less than average physical conditions, people with spine disorders and the elderly.

How is the electric mechanism of the Smartbed safe from power failures?

In the event of power failures, the system is equipped with emergency batteries to ensure the opening or closing of the bed.