A Smartbed Classic wallbed hiden in wardrobe

It has been on Transforms‘ offer for several months. The bed is based on a new mechanism with legs protruding from the front short edge of the bed frame. Their ejection mechanism is constructed in such a way that when folding the legs they hide behind the front plate of the bed. When unfolding, the legs go out of the front. Thanks to this solution, the gap between the front of the bed and the edge of the casing has been reduced to 4mm and the folded bed is really easy to confuse with the wardrobe. The Smartbed Classic is made of a laminated board or painted MDF and its front is varnished MDF with grooves reminiscent of the wardrobe door style.

A bed hidden in the wardrobe Smartbed 4

based on the same improved mechanism as Smartbed Classic. Its housing is also a laminated board in a wide range of colors from Kronospan company. The front of the bed is also made of laminated board. Thanks to this, the cost of a Smartbed 4 bed is lower than Smartbed Classic.

Additional equipment

Both beds can be additionally equipped with LED lighting, upholstered headrest and electric opening on the remote control.

Smartbed 4 folded

Smartbed 4 unfolded

Smartbed Classic unfolded

Smartbed Classic folded