Wardrobe Clickbed Classic

Wardrobe Clickbed Classic

The CLICKBED Classic bed is a new system in our beds.

An elegant double bed hidden in a wardrobe – this is our proposal for small apartments. Designed to be arranged in a classic and modern cut, refined with taste and attention to the smallest details. In the daytime space of the living room, it takes up very little space, while at night it turns into a comfortable, spacious bed for two people.

Detailed description

The panel of the furniture system has been designed in such a way that it looks like a two-door wardrobe during the day. The smooth, laminated board fits easily with other furniture, comfortable handles make it easy to unfold the bed. At night, the bed system folds down, lowering the mechanism to the floor. The support of gas actuators means that the operation of the bed takes only a moment and is extremely simple. A new mechanism has been used on the front of the bed, in which the legs automatically open from the top of the frame. Thanks to this solution, the front panel – unlike the previous models of the furniture – has been widened and reaches to the very edges, without any gaps. On the front panel there is a solid, steel frame on which there is a wooden frame made of beech slats, which increases the elasticity of the mattress, adding comfort. The frame is additionally reinforced with eccentrics, which guarantee permanent stability. The mattress of the renowned Sembella brand is a pocket-spring model, the pockets are wrapped in elastic foam that adjusts to the figure during sleep. Behind the head there is a beautiful headboard, upholstered in the form of small, elegant diamonds, adding style and, of course, functional comfort. The whole thing is uncompromising quality in a perfect design.

Folding furniture systems are unmatched functionality, appreciated wherever
space is at a premium. They are perfect as furniture for studios and wherever they are not
space saving matters.

Standard external dimensions of a double bed:
157 x 220 cm – for a 140 × 200 mattress
177 x 220 cm – for a 160 x200 mattress
197 x 220 cm – for a 180 × 200 mattress

Depth: 40 cm

Maximum weight supported by a single metal base: 150 kg / double: 200 kg

Bed housing:
The bed’s body is made of 36 mm thick Kronopol furniture board (color and pattern templates are available in the Download tab).

The front panel and the back of the bed are made of 18 mm thick board.

Housing depth: 40 cm

The bed design has been patented.

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