Clickbed O Sofa Box

Clickbed O Sofa Box

An innovative multifunctional solution that combines two different functions in one compact piece of furniture. A comfortable full-size bed for two with a spacious sofa for the living room. A decisive advantage of the solution is the many possibilities of arranging the sofa. Thanks to the design solutions used, the sofa can have any length, symmetrical or asymmetrical form, and it can be a separate piece of furniture, not attached to the front of the bed.

The solution is recommended especially for living rooms and studios, where one room combines several functions.

Detailed description

Arranging small apartments is a challenge. Lots of functions, limited space and even more needs. The combination of a full-size bed with a large, comfortable sofa effectively solves the problem of how to arrange the living space in a studio apartment or a small living room in a modern apartment. Saving space is guaranteed, as, thanks to the solutions used, easy use of the furniture.

An additional advantage of this sofa wall bed is a spacious container under the sofa seat, which can be filled with any things, additionally saving the space of a small room or apartment. And the sofa itself can be freely adapted to the arrangement of the space, adjusting it in terms of size, structure and even the number of armrests.

The bed casing has increased thickness standards. Kronospan furniture boards were used to make it.
Housing: 3.6 cm
Front and back panel of the bed: 1.8 cm
Depth: 40 cm

Housing dimensions: 158×216, 178×216, 198×216
Mattress dimensions: 140×2000, 160×200, 180×200
Maximum weight supported by a metal bed base: 200 kg

The depth of the sofa: 90 cm

The bed design has been patented

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