Smartbed Young V Double

Smartbed Young V Double

A double wall bed that fits even in the smallest bedroom. Even if the bedroom is only a recess in the living room, the opened bed will create a comfortable and intimate space to relax. An additional advantage of this solution is the possibility of assemble the bed by yourself. You no longer have to wait for a visit from a busy carpenter. Clear step-by-step instructions will lead to the success everyone. Even an amateur.
The model is available for mattresses with dimensions: 140/160/180×200.

Detailed description

Today’s apartments do not overwhelm of the space. Small living rooms, small bedrooms. A double wall bed for self-assembly solves this problem. During the day, it disappears on the wall, and at night it appears in the space of the room as a full-size, comfortable bed. Easy to use, safe, in a casual, modern style, space-saving. This is what good multi-functional furniture is like.

The Young collection includes wall beds which – thanks to their universal design – will fit into any modern interior. Their light and durable structure fits perfectly into the small space of the interior, without overwhelming them with the presence of an otherwise full-size bed. Thanks to modern solutions, the bed opens easily and in just a few seconds. That’s exactly what you need to clean the room before guests enter it.

The Smartbed V Young Double wall bed is a way to save space in a modern edition. Perfect for a small bedroom. But nothing prevents it from standing in the living room or work room as well. Thanks to this solution, you can combine day and night functions in any space.

External dimensions of the bed:

1564×2196 mm – for a 1400×2000 mm mattress
1764×2196 mm – for a 1600×2000 mm mattress
1964×2196 mm – for a 8000×2000 mm mattress

Depth: 370 mm
Front and side panels thickness: 18 mm

Maximum weight supported by a metal base: 200 kg

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