Folding table – Chest of drawers-Party table

Folding table – Chest of drawers-Party table

The Party furniture system is a new dimension of spatial comfort. Our collections are furniture for studios and small apartments, the arrangement of which does not allow for a set of many pieces of furniture. We found a way to save space while maintaining full functional comfort and a perfect visual effect.

Detailed description

The Party table in the folded version is a compact, small and very shapely chest of drawers with spacious drawers. Devoid of ornaments, it allows it to fit into any type of arrangement, perfectly harmonizes with modern interiors. Smooth top and sides and wide drawers, with smooth fronts (we can add handy handles on request). Spacious drawers will accommodate many necessary trinkets. Equipped with the so-called close, they close softly and noiselessly. After unfolding, we get a spacious, four-person table. The table is pulled out from the top drawer of the furniture. On the one hand, it rests on the chest of drawers, and on the other, on strong steel legs that guarantee stability. The mechanism is designed with comfort in mind – folding and unfolding the table is extremely easy and takes less than a minute.

The Party table is an excellent proposition for small spaces and where the space is to be left unrestrictedly free. Thanks to innovative technology, we have managed to combine perfect design, great functionality and as much space as possible.

Thanks to the extensive experience gained during many years of designing modern furniture, a completely new system has been created. It can be mounted to a shelf of different widths hanging on the wall: 60 cm, 90 cm or 120 cm. At the front of the table – two telescopic legs.

After assembly, it is possible to create a table of large dimensions – up to 134 cm, and of high strength – up to 100 kg with an even load.

Chest of drawers:

The body of the chest of drawers is made of a furniture board (color and pattern templates are available in the Download tab). The top thickness is 36mm. The front panel of the drawers and the back of the bed are made of 18 mm thick board.
Blumotion Tandem mechanisms with full extension were used for three drawers.
The pattern of the chest of drawers has been patented.

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