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Clickbed V Young is a new proposal in the Transforms offer – a bed in a wardrobe for self-assembly. Thanks to the modern design, folding the bed is simple and does not require specialist knowledge. The illustrated instruction included with the furniture explains in detail and easy to understand how to assemble the Clickbed V Young bed, step by step.

Clickbed V Young is a bed in a wardrobe with a steel frame. The frame of the furniture is made of steel posts with a section of 60x30mm. Stabilus gas cylinders guarantee easy and smooth opening and closing of the bed. Thanks to the use of an innovative construction concept, Clickbed V Young is light, stable and does not require additional elements to strengthen the furniture, such as the back of the bed.

Detailed description

The bed frame is made of a 50 × 30 steel profile with side legs with automatic opening and closing. Comfortable sleep and rest is ensured by a two-part frame with an easy-to-install system of slats. After folding the bed frame, it is enough to connect it with the panels of the furniture structure. And it’s ready!

Clickbed V Young in the closed version is hidden behind a smooth laminated board, the colors of which, thanks to the wide range of finishes, can be adapted to any room decor. In the open version, the bed is supported on stable steel legs ensuring a peaceful rest.

Clickbed V Young is a bed hidden in a vertical wardrobe, which is ideally suited to small bedrooms and rooms combining daytime functions – a living room, a study – with a night space. This solution is dedicated to small apartments where every centimeter of space saved is important. The multifunctionality of the Clickbed V Young wardrobe bed allows you to comfortably use even a small room around the clock. And at night, it guarantees sleep in comfortable conditions. Arranging a small bedroom has never been so easy!

The Clickbed V Young bed for self-assembly is sent by courier after placing the order. At the customer’s request and on a separate order, a mattress is attached to the bed, specially selected for this type of hidden bed. When buying a piece of furniture, it is possible to order additional options: lighting and a headrest mounted to the wall.

A bed in the closet Clickbed V Young 140 × 200 – details of the structure:

Bed frame: 1420x2000mm
Weight of the bed frame: 25 kg
Mattress weight: up to 25 kg
Mattress size: 1400x2000x200mm
Front panel weight: 21 + 21 kg
Internal cabinet size: 2136x1504x346mm

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