Clickbed Slide Extendable Table

Clickbed Slide Extendable Table

Multifunctional furniture like to surprise. Space saving, functionality and design. After tables hidden in a chest of drawers, coffee tables and drawers, ClickBed Slide has joined our collection of SMART tables – a folding table hidden on the wall. It is an innovative solution that facilitates everyday life in small spaces.

Studio apartment, small living room, small kitchen, studio apartment. Everywhere there, the table is an indispensable element of space arrangement. And there is usually not much of this. This challenge is met by compact furniture that easily, safely and quickly adapts to the needs of any small space.

Detailed description

Folding dining table unlike any other

ClickBed Slide is an extendable table that will be perfect for everyday life in a small space. When needed, in the unfolded version, it creates a comfortable place for shared meals, moments of relaxation or a place to work. In the closed version, it hides imperceptibly on the wall and creates an original decorative element of the interior. Thanks to the modern solutions used in the opening mechanism, changing the arrangement is easy, requires no effort and takes only a dozen or so seconds.

Thanks to innovative solutions, a piece of furniture was created that combines perfect design, failure-free functionality and maximum space saving. The rich color of the finishes allows you to match the ClickBed Slide to any interior design – it is possible to combine colors in one model. And thanks to the universal design, the piece of furniture, both open and closed, has an additional decorative function.

ClickBed Slide – how does it work?

When unfolded, the ClickBed Slide is a spacious table with a table size of 90 × 172. The top thickness – 18mm, ensures stability and durability of the entire structure. In the folded version, the table (top and fixing base) takes up 190 cm of the height of the wall. The table is attached to a fixing module that connects the table to the wall. When folded, it takes up only 28 cm of space in any interior. An opening and closing mechanism is attached to the mounting base, which also has a stabilizing function. The table has additionally 2 legs, which are automatically pulled out from under the table top when the furniture is opened.

Table dimensions when unfolded: 90x172x77H

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