AREO upholstered folding bed with a container for bedding – NEW!

AREO upholstered folding bed with a container for bedding – NEW!

The latest Transforms offer. NEW and an exception to our current offer of wardrobe beds. Classic bed for the bedroom. Upholstered, with a comfortable headrest, with a spacious container for bedding. As with all our solutions, it can be opened. Innovation of the solution? The bed opens in one movement: vertically or horizontally.

Horizontal opening raises the mattress with a frame to a height that facilitates everyday making or changing the coverings of the bedding. The vertical opening of the bed allows free access to a spacious container for bedding hidden in the base of the bed, making it extremely easy to hide or remove bedding, and the access to the container is practically unlimited.

Detailed description

For the construction of the AREO fold-out bed, we used a patented system that allows effortless opening of the bed with one hand movement. Two different opening positions significantly increase the comfort of using the furniture. For the construction of the AREO bed, raw materials with increased quality standards were used, including mattress frame made of steel with a thickness of 40 × 30 mm, guaranteeing the maximum strength of the structure.

An additional advantage of the AREO folding bed is the volume of the bedding container. The applied solutions allowed for the creation of the most spacious storage space, without unnecessary elements hidden inside the base, as well as external elements that would disturb the aesthetics of the furniture.

For people who value above all else, the AREO bed can be opened electrically by remote control. 4 electric motors lift the frame with the mattress and set it in one of the two available positions.

The AREO bed is an ideal proposition for people who value traditional and modern solutions that facilitate everyday life. The full-size AREO multifunctional bed combines both needs and expectations. The most modern technological solutions have been hidden in the classic interior of the bedroom bed. And thanks to several dozen versions of upholstery, the AREO fold-out bed will fit in any interior with any style.

The AREO bed is available as a single or double bed
AREO single bed – for a 90 × 200 or 120 × 200 mattress
AREO double bed – for a 140 × 200, 160 × 200 or 180 × 200 mattress

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