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Smartbed Single is an ideal bed for a teenagers or children’s room. The set with additional cabinets can be a complete equipment of a teenager’s room. Presented set of additional cabinets is made in the technology of common wall, which means that these are not independent elements screwed to the bed casing, but constitute an integral whole with it. The total width of the set is 3258mm and 2186mm high, which means that it can be easily placed in a room with dimmensions: 3. 5m by 2m. The set has 8 lockable shelves and one wardrobe and 4 drawers. Bed and cabinet bodies are made of Kronospan furniture boards in Contempo Stone Oak 5527 SN, Fronts in SU Satin 7045 SU (Contempo). The bed is additionally equipped with a Slim headrest and LED lighting. The bed is equipped with a Sembella Amber Dream 90x200cm mattress.

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