ClickBed V Young Sofa – NEW – DIY wallbed!

ClickBed V Young Sofa is a new product in Transfomrs offer – it is a walled that can be assembled by the customer himself. Due to modern design of the components and well-prepared illustrated manual, mounting of the bed does not require professional knowledge.

ClickBed V Young Sofa is a wallbed with a steel frame supported by steel posts of 60×30 mm. Stabilus gas pistons ensure easy and smooth opening and closing of the bed. Smartbed Young is light, stable and requires no additional elements such as the back of the bed to strengthen the furniture. In addition, it is equipped with comfortable sofa in front.

The bed frame is made of a 50x30mm steel profiles with automatically operating, stable steel legs on the sides.  A comfortable sleep and rest is provided by a two-part frame with an easy to install slat system. After assembling the bed frame, the user needs to connect it with the construction panels. The wallbed is now ready!

After closing, ClickBed V Young Sofa consist of a smooth laminated board, which color can be chosen from a wide selection of finishes. It is easily adapted to any room.

ClickBed V Young Sofa is a wallbed folded vertically, ideally suited to small bedrooms and rooms combining various functions. This solution is dedicated to apartments with a small area where every centimeter of space matters. Its multi functionality allows comfortable use of even a small room all day long and provides restful sleep at night. Arranging a small bedroom has never been easier!

After placing the order, ClickBed V Young Sofa will be delivered by courier. At the customer’s request we can also provide the mattress adapted to this type of bed. When placing an order the customer may also choose to add optional lights and headboard.

ClickBed V Young Sofa 140 × 200 wardrobe – construction details:

  • Bed frame: 1420x2000mm
  • Weight of bed frame: 25 kg
  • Mattress weight: up to 25 kg
  • Mattress size: 1400x2000x200mm
  • Front panel weight: 21 + 21 kg
  • Internal cabinet size: 2136x1504x346mm
  • Sofa width: 1796mm
  • Sofa depth: 820mm

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