Smartbed Sky bed

Smartbed SKY bed

If you want to optimize your space, we have a solution.

Send your bed to the ceiling … and enjoy free space on the ground during the day.
Choose space saving, easy and quick access and height sleep comfort.
The folding bed, which is under the ceiling, releases the entire floor space of your living room, children’s room, guest room or hotel room.
An ideal solution for interiors with a small area, but not only. When you do not need your bed anymore, just press the switch and gently put the bed under the ceiling.
In this way, your bedroom becomes a multifunctional living space (living room, dining room, guest room, hotel, office, games room, or kitchen …).
The huge advantage of Smartbed Sky is: furniture under the bed up to 47 cm can stay in place, even if the bed is in a low position.
The bed can be stopped at any time.
Operation: tubular electric motor.
Just press the switch to make the bed go down or up.
Double security system.
The switch can be placed on the right or left side of the bed.
It is placed high enough so that children do not have access to it. In addition, the switch is locked.
The bed is run on 2 columns.
Dimensions of the mattress: 160 x 200 cm.
The maximum height of the mattress: 18 cm.
Folded legs. Height of feet: 47 cm.
The minimum height of the room: 2m40.
The bed can be attached to a wall or floor and ceiling (at least one of the walls should be full: concrete, brick.
Smartbed Sky is;
* comfortable,
* stable,
* safe and reliable, easy to use,
* Easy installation (installation for 2 people in 2 – 3 hours).
* Powered by an electric motor.
Suitable for all interiors.
The product does not require any specific installation. This means that you can easily disassemble and transport it (for example, when you move).

Warranty 5 years.

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