CLICKBED V SOFA BOX is a combination of a comfortable bed with a functional sofa with an additional container for bedding. The bed is placed 15 centimeters higher than in the standard ClickBed V Sofa solution, i.e. at a height of 385mm. Thanks to this, opening of the bed requires only the removal of two back pillows that, when unfolded, can be used as a headrest. UnlikeSClickBed V Sofa, the width of the ClickBed V Box is not limited by the width of the mattress. In this case, you can order a sofa with a width of 200cm to a 140cm wide bed. The sofa does not have to be attached to the bed structure so that in special situations it can be used as an additional single-person sleeping couch. The ClickBed V Sofa Box folds up vertically. Thanks to the bed frame constructed on the basis of gas cylinders, it takes a few seconds to unfold the bed. Just pull the opening handle slightly and the bed frame itself will slowly take a horizontal position. The frame of the bed is made of steel powder-coated closed profiles. Beech rungs give the construction flexibility and are a solid basis for the Sembella Amber Dream pocket spring mattress, which we recommend for all ClickBeds. Dimensions of the housing ClickBed V Sofa Box: Height: 2336mm, Depth: 400mm, Width of the bed for the mattress 140cm: 1572mm, Width of the bed for the mattress 160cm: 1772mm, Width of the bed for the mattress 180cm: 1972mm. Depth of the bed after unfolding: 2235mm. The bed casing is made of Kronospan 36mm thick furniture board. The front and back of the bed is 18mm thick. (The color guide and plate textures are available in the Catalogs site. The load capacity of the bed is 200kg.

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