Murphy bed with a library – Smartbed Book

łóżko w szafie do sypialni

Murphy with a library – at first hearing these words you can think: “What about the original? After all, murphy bed can be encapsulated with any type of building.” Yes, it’s true, but our murphy bed has this library “on it”, not a built-in one. And the mechanism used to open and fold the shelves means that everything that stands on them stays in place. This is the Smartbed Book.

łóżko do sypialni

Murphy bed with the library – concept details

Smartbed Book is a combination of two mechanisms: Smartbed V that opens vertically and a patented concept of a mechanism that folds out and closes shelves when raising or opening the bed. Thanks to the universality of this solution, we have various options to choose from. We can choose the classic version of Smartbed Book with three shelves. We can freely reduce the number of shelves or … combine the bed model Smartbed Book with tSmartbed V Sofa model. Then a sofa will be installed on the front of the bed, and above it one shelf, which will consist of a sofa at the same time.

łóżko w szafie 140x200

Murphy bed with a library – where it works best

Hmm, watching the most fashionable interior arrangements every day, there is no place to look for books. Whether in the form of a classic library, which is a real rarity, or in the form of individual book shelves. Nevertheless, our experience in the implementation of various projects proves that books still exist in the real everyday life of Polish apartments. And they can constitute, besides intellectual value, an interesting decorative element of a modern interior. But this is not the only solution for Smartbed Book. Our bed in the closet with the library will also work in a children’s or youth room. Shelves can be used to arrange toys, games, books. And in the salons of people who have permanently moved into the world of readers and screens, shelves can display decorative trinkets: vases, photographs, sculptures, holiday souvenirs. And without fear that they will be damaged or destroyed when using the bed.

łóżko w szafie z bibioteką

Smartbed Book murphy bed 140×200 – details of the implementation

Thanks to universal and various solutions for finishing beds in the Smartbed wardrobe, our beds in the wardrobe “adapt” to any interior. This time our Smartbed Book stood in an eclectic interior combining modern elements with traditional furniture.

Smartbed Book – Ferrara Oak 8921 case, Snow White 8685 front and shelves

Wall headrest:  149×102


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