Deciding to buy a Smartbed product, we must remember that despite the fact that after assembling the bed occupies a small area, its elements, in particular the front of the bed and the frame, are quite large. For example, the front of the bed for the mattress size 180 x 200cm is 187.5 x 211cm. Unfortunately, an element with such dimensions does not fit into the staircase or in the elevator, which can significantly complicate the installation of the bed in your apartment. When it comes to placing the premises on a high floor, transporting the bed seems to be very troublesome. With the help comes the possibility of ordering a half-divided bed and a divided front. This can be done for mattress beds 140, 160 and 180 cm wide. In addition, the front of the bed can also be divided into two parts. After assembly, such a front will look like a wardrobe door and will successfully hide the mechanism of the bed. The internal board of the housing is not a problem, as it is normally divided into 3 elements. This does not affect their aesthetics after the housing has been assembled, since the joints are not visible.