Smartbed Desk gives a unique opportunity to arrange a study or a room for work and a bedroom in one. Additional cabinets will improve the functionality of the room giving the opportunity to find space for books and other personal items. The presented set is to see in our Abar Furniture Store in Warsaw and consists of a Smartbed Desk for 140 cm wide mattress and bookcases with two shelves, 3 drawers and a locker. In addition, the set is completed by two extensions. The overall dimensions of the set are 2321 cm wide, 2639 cm high. The depth of cabinets and the bed’s housing is 40cm. The bed is additionally equipped with a Pillow headboard and LED lighting. The bed casing and cabinets are made of Kronospan furniture panels in Contempo Dark Rockford Hickory K087 PWcolor,Front panels are  in Satin 7045 MG (Mirror Gloss) color.

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