When buying a wallbed Smartbed V or Smartbed O, you also need to have a mattress that is not an integral part of the bed. Transforms offer Sembella amber dream mattresses as standard but you can buy a mattress yourself from another supplier. What requirements should be met by such a mattress? The mattress should have a rigid construction so that it is not deformed when in a vertical position. Of course, the Smartbed beds have straps that the mattress can be attached to the bed frame together with the bedding, but the stiff construction of the mattress will provide less susceptibility to deformation. The recommended height of the mattress is 20cm. At this height a bed will fit in a bed case. If we want to use a higher mattress in the bed in a standard bed  depth(40cm), we can use a mattress with a maximum height of 25cm. Unfortunately, in this case, there may be a problem with the bedding. Another important feature of the mattress is its weight. And so a mattress with a width of 90 cm should weigh about 18 kg, a mattress with a width of 120cm – 20kg, 140cm – 24kg, 160cm – 29kg and 180cm – 33kg. If the weight of the mattress deviates significantly from the given values, please let us know. It may be necessary to replace the gas actuators with ones that will be better suited to the total weight of the bed.