If you think about a  hidden bed  Smartbed O, remember that the width of the housing is 2159mm. This is conditioned by the length of the mattress, which is 200cm long as standard. If you need to fit in 2 meters, you will have to order a mattress with a length of 180cm. Then the housing will be 1959mm wide. If, after unfolding, the bed should’nt be deeper than 200cm  you can think of a bed up to 160 cm wide, which, when unfolded, has a depth of 1840mm. If there is no space in the room for a 2158cm wide bed, the solution is a verticaly opened Smartbed V. The bed will be 2235mm wide when unfolded. If it’s too much, we recommend Smartbed V on a mattress rack with a length of 180cm and a depth of case of 350mm. Then after unfolding the bed will have 1985mm. Unfortunately, when reducing the depth of the bed housing, there will be no bedding. In this case, we have beds with the width of the mattress 90, 120, 140, 160 and 180cm. The beds will have respectively a width of 1072mm, 1372mm, 1572mm, 1772mm and 1972mm .