Smartbed V and Smartbed Classic are two models of vertical beds in the Transforms offer. These are beds based on mechanisms offering the same comfort of use. The support frame has the same construction which is complemented by beech boards providing flexibility and comfort. Easy to open and close make gas cylinders. Smartbed V is a mechanism that has been operating on the market for 5 years. It has automatically opened legs on the sides of the mechanism. Beds built on this mechanism have a 14mm gap between the edge of the front and the edge of the housing. The Smartbed Classic mechanism has been operating on the market for several months. The main construction difference is automatically fold-out legs mounted on the front edge of the frame. Thanks to this solution, the gap between the front of the bed and the casing was reduced to 4mm. In this version, closed bed is really difficult to distinguish from the wardrobe.

Smartbed V

Smartbed Classic