For today’s comparison, we eliminate the mechanisms of beds hidden in the closet having a spring tension stabilizing system. It is a different price and quality class reserved for solutions where price plays the greatest role and comfort and safety of use are of lesser importance. These are often several-piece sets fixing the primitive bed frames made of furniture boards to the walls of the bed casing.
Mechanisms of folding beds that we will compare consist of a powder-coated metal frame in graphite color and are equipped with a gas tension system with a free fall and braking function. The main frame of all offered shelves of concealed boxes is equipped with spring strips made of beech plywood, which ensure high sleeping comfort and, at the same time, ventilation of the mattress.
In two models of bed mechanisms, among others, Transforms legs extend and hide automatically. Both mechanisms have a similar construction and at first glance look almost identical. The only visual difference is the different appearance of automatically extended legs. When it comes to functionality, in a competitive frame mounting or replacement of shock absorbers requires access from the back of the bed so unscrewing its housing from the wall which is very difficult and uncomfortable when laying the bed. Gas shock absorbers are like the entire mechanism covered by a 10-year warranty. Despite this, the assembly or replacement of the shock absorbers are very simple if possible and can be done immediately after removing their internal protective covers. This is important not only because of service activities. In the case of self-assembly or installation of the entire furniture arrangement, first set the furniture housings and at the very end we assemble the bed frame together with its front panel. The Smartbed V frame has many expansion options. It can be equipped with a shelf mechanism that keeps the level while unfolding, it can be expanded with an automatically unfolding sofa, desk or table. Additionally, it is possible to use an electric opening mechanism.
There remains a third type of frame integrated with the fixing frame.
It is a solution that does not require a large assembly culture. It is enough to screw the frame to the furniture structure. The rack uses gas shock absorbers with a large stroke, which are not hidden and are prone to cuts, for example, through bedding. The mounting frame ensures stability, but it is very unsightly. The front plate can not be fixed to the bed frame. The bed enclosure must be equipped with a hinged or extendable door, which is a big functional limitation.