The bed in the wardrobe Smartbed  from Transforms is often part of an arrangement with additional cabinets and shelves. To realize such a project you have three options. Each of them guarantees success, but in each you must pay attention to certain details, so that you do not incur unnecessary expenses and enjoy the satisfaction.

  1. The first and the safest way is to order the whole arrangement with us. We will do the design of your furniture set, we will advise you on functional details, we will help you choose the color of the cabinet and upholstery. We will get and assemble the furniture ordered by you. All responsibility for the success of the project will be on our side. You will not be surprised by any unexpected costs. You will get one warranty for the whole set. If you want to expand it in the future you will be able to do it in the same color, because you will get from us the color code of the furniture board manufacturer or the RAL color code in which the casing will be painted.
  2. Due to the fact that the bed casing requires high precision and uses advanced assembly technologies, you can order a transforms bed itself with us, and order additional cabinets to be made by a carpenter. Remember to agree all details with your contractor. If the casing of your bed in the cabinet is made of laminated boards, make sure that the color of additional cabinets comes from the same color palette. You can order from us both the bed casing and its front panel from mdf boards prepared for varnishing. You can order varnishing. This can be done by your carpenter. Remember, however, that all details should be agreed with the contractor. It’s best to contact us to discuss all the details so that you do not need to increase costs unnecessarily.
  3. To minimize the costs of the project, you can order the mechanism of a wall bed in Transforms itself, and entrust the execution of bed case and additional cabinets to the carpenter. Remember that making a bed casing requires high precision. Mounting the bed mechanism itself in the side walls has 72 bores, which in our production conditions are performed by precision CNC machine tools. Uneven perforation can result in a crooked mounting mechanism in the housing and its malfunction. Therefore, you must be 100% sure that your contractor will manage this challenge. If you are not sure about this, choose option 2.