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Mała sypialnia i półkotapczan – aranżacja małej sypialni

Mała sypialnia i półkotapczan. Czy do siebie pasują? Aranżacja małej sypialni potrafi być dużym wyzwaniem. Kilka metrów kwadratowych, na których należy połączyć kilka funkcjonalności: komfortowe miejsce do snu i wypoczynku, czyli łóżko; szafy, szuflady i szafki na ubrania, akcesoria i dodatki, czyli de facto garderobę. No i jeszcze przydałoby się trochę miejsca, aby swobodnie się […]

Bedroom in the living room – wall bed arrangements

The bedroom in the living room, despite the passage of years and economic changes, is still the current motive for the arrangement of apartments. Although we live definitely differently than previous generations, our apartments still have a small area. This applies above all to the first, i.e. studios. But also apartments of young families. Especially […]

Murphy Bed – do it yourself

A murphy bed do it yourself version is it possible? What are the mechanisms for the murphy beds? What selling options does Transforms offer? These are the questions we will try to answer today. MECHANISM FOR THE MURPHY BED The heart of every horizontally or vertically foldable bed is a mechanism. Transforms company uses smart, […]

Murphy bed for small and large bedrooms

Murphy bed for a small bedroom are the domain of  Transforms. Our idea is to create friendly solutions for small apartments, rooms and spaces. Multifunctional furniture guarantees, thanks to its innovative solutions, space saving and reliability of use for years. This was appreciated by many of our clients from all over Poland, choosing the Transforms […]

Folding Party table – a kitchen piece of furniture other than all

Party folding table is a proposal especially attractive for small kitchen spaces. Where every centimeter counts, and kitchen furniture should be multifunctional and comfortable to use. The Party table has two functions: compact shelf / countertop – which can be integrated into the kitchen or can be used as an independent wall-mounted shelf comfortable, stable […]

Folding bed as modern guest room?

A retractable single or double bed is usually presented as an excellent alternative to traditional small bedroom beds. It is also a good solution for studios – then it successfully replaces the lack of a separate bedroom. But mentioning its advantages and multifunctionality, it is often forgotten that more or less often, we host family, […]

Bed hidden horizontally? Of course Smartbed O Sofa

  A horizontally hidden bed is an excellent alternative to the classic version of beds hidden in a cabinet with vertical closing. Recommended for people with lower height and space with low furniture. Both in the bedroom and in the living room. This is the Smartbed O Sofa bed. At night, it provides comfortable sleep […]

Children’s room other than all

Children’s room is a challenge. For arrangement, keeping order. Satisfaction of young customers’ tastes. Very often it is also a small room. And the needs of the children are growing every year. The children’s room is a challenge also for another reason. By design, this is a place with several usages. It should have: comfortable […]

Multifunctional bench – Lift from Transforms

  The slogan “multifunctional bench” with the bench-table popular at the end of the last century. Heavy, uncomfortable, raised with a handle that was not sent, it hit. Contemporary multi-functional furniture does not have much in common with contemporary inventions. Maybe in addition to the idea of ​​creating furniture that will save space or an […]

Smartbed V Sofa – bed on the remote control

  Although opening Smartbed beds is extremely simple, there are situations when their service needs to be even easier. For people: elderly, with diseases of the spine limited traffic, slight growth, we suggest the option of a hide-and-seek bed in a closet opened by a remote control. How does an electrically opened bed work? In […]

Smartbed Classic, or where is the bed?

Smartbed Classic, which is exactly what we understand under the term “bed hidden in the closet.” It is, and every day it is not like it. It remains invisible, imitating the perfectly classic wardrobe wardrobe. It has a number of advantages and not a single drawback. Why? in the classic version it takes up as […]

Horizontally hidden bed – Smartbed O – advantages

A horizontally hidden bed is perhaps best associated with the 70’s and 80’s, when the so-called half-pasts experienced their renaissance. They were most often equipment for children’s and youth rooms, the smallest of small rooms of contemporary houses. Due to the limited number of variants, the housing made the children’s rooms similar to each other. […]

Wallbeds – quality in the details

      It used to say “the devil is in the details.” This saying also works well in the case of designing and building wall beds. To make using them a real pleasure, in our opinion should meet the conditions: the possibility of adjusting the bed to the existing arrangement – a wide range […]

Smartbed V bed in Black & White design

Black is universal. And always on time. In a small space, however, it can be risky – if improperly introduced, it will visually reduce the space of the room. One of the solutions that allows you to apply black without losing light and visually reducing the size is incorporated into the design of mirrors. They […]

Small bedroom – how to design it?

A very small bedroom is a challenge already in the design phase. Which is obvious, there should be room for a bed and a wardrobe. At least. At the same time, the setting of both furniture should allow comfortable use of them. Despite the small space, everyday living in a small bedroom should also be […]