Arrangement of a room for two children with a minimum size of 3950 x 2000mm

The main element of the room’s construction is the bunk bed Smartbed Twin for two 90 x 200cm mattresses. The lower bed has a Smartbed Single desk mechanism that gives the table top dimensions of 2000 x 550mm. The tabletop has rounded corners, which increases the safety of use. Due to the large size of the desk, two children can sit at the same time. The upper Smartbed Twin bed has a ladder that facilitates climbing and unfolding safety barriers to prevent falling while sleeping. The backs of both beds are upholstered; they have 2 caro headboards, and the bed casing is equipped with LED lighting. The total width of the bed casing is 2162mm. The set is completed by two side cabinets with shelves and a drawer with a width of 884mm each. The total width of the building is 3930mm. Additionally, over-bed cabinets with a height of 548mm are installed above the Smartbed Twin bed enclosure and cabinets. Cabinet above the Smartbed Twin bed is divided into two chambers. There are single-unit cabinets above the bookcases. The doors of these cabinets are equipped with Blum accessories and open up. Doors and drawers operate in the click clack system. The depth of cabinets and bed base is 400mm .

The colors of the set

Furniture elements of the Smartbed Twin are made from  furniture board from Kronospan company: desk top and back are made in color 5515 marmara blue, color of case and bookcases is 0121 capri blue, front panels: 7179 sky blue. Material of headrest, mattress covers and upholstered elements by Fargotex company color: linea 06.

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