The transforms offer includes two types of wallbeds with a table. These are Smartbed V Tavolo and Smartbed Table. At the beginning, common features of both solutions. Both beds are opened vertically and are available for 140, 160 and 180 cm wide mattresses. Mechanisms of beds in both solutions are the same, and the comfort of their use is the same. Differences start when we look at the table construction. The Smartbed Tavolo is slightly smaller and has dimensions of 790mmx 1200mm. The Smartbed Table is 800mm x 1260mm. To opened the Smartbed Tavolo, first you need closed the table. The table can also be closed if you need more space in the room and when the bed is closed. The Smartbed Table has a worktop fixed to the front of the bed and connected with a metal leg to the casing. The table closes automatically when the bed is closed. It is not possible to opened the table when the bed is closed. In both cases, remember that during any changes to the arrangement of the bed, remove all thinks from the table.