A Smartbed V Sofa wallbed

Beds hidden in the wardrobe with the Sofa Smartbed V Sofa is a solution in which sleeping comfort comparable to a traditional bedroom is a priority feature of the product. A rigid metal frame with beech tiers and a comfortable spring mattress with a thickness of 20cm provide a guarantee of comfort during sleep. During the day, the bed hides into a 40cm deep enclosure and a comfortable sofa opens beneath it. In this case, the comfort of its use is very high, but it is difficult to compare it with a classic sofa, for example due to the smaller size of the sofa attached to Smartbed V.

Sofa with sleeping function

Things are completely different with a sofa with sleeping function. In this case, the priority is the comfort of using the sofa, which in this respect is comparable to typical rest sets. The sleeping function is ensured by a complicated mechanism based on a metal structure. Instead of wooden rungs we have textile belts and a foam mattress with a height of 14cm, which folds along with the mechanism and retracts after folding inside the sofa. Immediately after the mechanism has been unfolded, especially when the sleeping function has not been used for a long time, it is necessary to wait a moment so that the lines of the mattress bend straighten and the mattress reaches a perfectly smooth surface. In this case, you have to reckon with the fact that sleeping comfort will be less than in the case of a hide-and-seek bed in the Smartbed V Sofa.